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Construction Safety Outreach Training

OSHA 10 & 30 Hour

Construction Safety Training.

Horizon Safety Group utilizes industry principles that management has used to achieve effective cost control, quality control and productivity to develop specific techniques and methods in determining and/or measuring a client’s safety performance.  We evaluate then implement safety training in your organization to ensure profitability and safety.

We understand that all organizations are unique and dynamic to the work they perform. Creating Advanced Safety Cultures while dramatically improving safety performance in our clients’ organizations is our specialty.

Our Specialized Safety Services:

Internal Safety Performance Evaluations
fundamentals of this module will assist clients in evaluating and effectively managing safety performance with its advantages and disadvantages, understanding the safety culture within the organizational context, recognizing both positive and potentially negative patterns of behaviors of employees, defining the proficiency of managers, identifying/developing strategies for selecting the major steps of corrective measures and key methods for making information essential for decision making available to management, employees, and program participants.

Management Commitment Surveys
The data collected from the survey will assist clients in determining commitment, developing and implementing techniques designed to make necessary improvements in targeted areas. This allows the client the ability to increase safety performance and demonstrate a continuously improving safety culture.

Employee Safety Surveys (ESS)
The ESS tool allows the client to identify areas requiring enhancement. The client can plan and implement processes designed to make necessary improvements in the targeted areas. This allows the client to demonstrate a continuously improving safety culture.

The survey will assist clients by:

  • Measuring and benchmarking cultural improvements
  • Raising the profile of safety
  • Supplementing safety monitoring systems
  • Providing momentum to their safety performance
  • Stimulating safety discussions among their employees

Safety Program Management

Horizon Safety Group can assist clients in managing all elements of their safety management system to dramatically improve overall safety performance. This process will help clients emphasizes company values and beliefs in their structure while coordinating and prioritizing safety resources across their organization.

Safety Pre-Planning
This module provides several traditional risk assessment techniques to clients. The primary benefit of utilizing the pre-planning module is to evaluate a scope or task prior to the occurrence of an incident. Pre-planning for safety is the most effective element in a safety management system.

Scope Review/Hazard Analysis

Horizon Safety Group utilizes a systematic approach in assisting clients with scope reviews, pre-construction and hazard analysis in all project planning stages. This process will assist clients in identifying unique hazards associated with any scope or particular task.

Pre-Construction Review
This process is designed to assist clients in ensuring safety is an integral part of the bidding process. The process will assist in identifying specific issues or potential hazards and addressing them prior to the bid submission.

Additional Safety Services Provided

Project Evaluations
Hazard Prevention/Control
Construction Outreach Training
Risk Management
Claims Management